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Staying organized with a new baby can help lower frustration and keep the family’s attention on the real
things that matter. Where will you put your baby supplies, blankets, and toys that you want ready for any
moment? Why not look for great containers that hold your useful items at your fingertips while keeping
them organized with style?

For baby’s diapers, books, toys, stuffed animals, blankets!  Then for your toddler to sit on, stand on, and fill up.

This simple vintage inspired crate has become a favorite of ours.  You have to keep an eye on it, or someone, even an adult will grab it for some useful purpose.  That is the beauty of this sturdy wooden crate from WAAM and built right here in Minnesota.

Made from responsibly sourced high density birch plywood.

13.6″ length X 8.5″ width X 8.38″ height

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