What is an Heirloom? Our heirloom gifts were specially selected to be special for north babies in particular. You might think heirlooms are only ceremonial and decorative but not practical. Perhaps you think of heirlooms that have value as an investment but not something a baby could appreciate. Maybe for you, an “heirloom” is simply a sentimental item passed down that your parents used but isn’t in good enough shape to be used again by their babies or grandbabies. The truth is, you can have heirlooms that the whole family can appreciate now and later down the years.

Pewter Items & Heirlooms

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Quality Heirlooms Can Be Useful Gifts

Bébé Du Nord offers heirloom-quality items that are not only beautiful, retain their decorative and monetary value over the years, but are also practical, durable and useful. With very little special care, the heirloom pieces you find in our online shop can be used now and by generations to come.

Pewter Items and Sets

Hand-cast, lead-free pewter is universally appreciated as a durable, safe, food-grade material that can be beautiful in many vintage and modern decorating themes. It’s also effortless to care for, so you can display it with joy.

  • Spoons – Choose from various adorable animal shapes for a gift that will be used for generations. Choose individual spoons or pair them with other pewter items as a set.
  • Utensil Sets – Choose a matching baby fork and spoon set from two sweet animal designs. Can also be paired with additional matching pewter items.
  • Cups – What could be cuter than your baby using these precious special pewter cups. Useful for practical drink training, as receptacles for items in baby’s room, as well as unique decorative uses.

Show how much you care at your next baby shower or child’s first birthday with a special heirloom gift from our Bébé Du Nord collection of hand-crafted pewter spoons and cup sets. Our pewter heirloom items can be combined to mix or match various animal themes and are perfectly sized for baby-sized hands.