Bébé Du Nord carefully curates warm and beautiful clothing for your baby boy or girl. Look at our hand-picked selection of delicate, handmade cozy clothing items, perfect as loving gifts and treasured family heirlooms. With the highest quality of soft, baby-friendly materials and crafting, you will love this collection of unique baby wardrobe pieces as much as we do.

Onesies and Bibs

The most practical and versatile items in your baby’s wardrobe, our selected onesies are not only amazingly comfortable but raise the cuteness-factor for any occasion! With unique artistic designs, we offer stylish colors with hand-screened printing in safe ink that holds up with several washes. Easy snap enclosures and quality stitching make for comfortable changing and wearing. Our quality bibs are not only durable, easy to use and remove; they are adorable!

Moccasins and Booties

Is there any item of baby clothing more iconic than baby booties? We offer a selection of booties and handmade moccasins for your little darlings, which will become favorite accents to various outfits while offering cozy, warm comfort. Our baby moccasins come in a wide variety of colors and camouflage, made from soft leather or cowhide with handcrafted detailing, such as fringe and faux fur. Choose from styles that include soft soles, Sherpa suede bottoms, and ankle ties. Our cozy baby booties feature soft Sherpa soles and warm, bulky fiber construction. We can snuggle your babies’ feet from newborn sizes and up with our various footwear styles! Our footwear is not only practical and comfortable but offers long-lasting heirloom quality.

Enjoy browsing through our Bébé Du Nord online product pages to pick out your favorite wardrobe items from our selection of unique onesies, bibs, booties and moccasins.