Bébé Du Nord knows north families are not only practical but appreciate good quality and well-crafted items they can count on every day. Northerners also love when beauty and practicality meet to create those items that we grow to depend on in everyday use and special occasions. Our collection of soft, luxurious blankets and different accessories are selected to help make babies comfy and help parents organize and take care of babies and themselves.

Baby Blankets

There’s a reason why blankets are the number one gift given to babies. Our soft, durable superfine wool or soft minky blankets create a beautiful addition to the crib, folded over the back of the rocking chair, in the playpen or as a playmat on the floor. Moms and Dads can never have enough blankets for baby, so they make guaranteed useful and beautiful gifts. Make sure to get your special baby a unique gift blanket that can handle multiple washings and stays nice enough to become a treasured family heirloom.

Unique Baby Accessories

Staying organized with a new baby can help lower frustration and keep the family’s attention on the real things that matter. Where will you put your baby supplies, blankets, and toys that you want ready for any moment? Why not look for great containers that hold your useful items at your fingertips while keeping them organized with style? While you’re creating that productive space for useful items, check out a hand-knit mini basket with soothing lotions and personal products that can be used for both mother and baby. The adorable basket can also have many uses for mom or baby for years to come.

It’s essential to take care of mom as well as the baby. Bébé Du Nord’s beautiful and practical blankets and accessories can make life easier so you can focus on staying warm, comfortable, and have time to relax.