The Story of Bébé du Nord. Born in Minnesota, Launched During the Pandemic of 2020.

Bébé du Nord is a special part of North Star Newborns, a Minnesota company founded by Ellen Roeser that provides and specializes in one-on-one care for newborns and infants 0-12 months.

An amazing group of care providers snuggle, rock, feed, soothe, entertain, and cherish bunches of babies throughout the Twin Cities and we love every minute. We consider it a privilege to care for these precious babies of the north.

Bébé du Nord was started from a desire to find beautifully made, heirloom quality products for babies that can stand the test of time. Our desire was to form relationships with artisans, local manufacturers and companies here in Minnesota. We wanted to get to know the people behind our products and tell their stories. You can find out the core of a human and of a business very quickly when times are challenging. The grit of our partners was an inspiration as they worked quickly (some through the night) to fulfill our orders before they closed their doors to Shelter In Place at home.


As the relationships were forged, it was clear – pulling a collection of products together that tells a story and supports local businesses was destined to be a profound experience during a very tumultuous time in our history. The people behind these products are so rich with wisdom and kindness, and the products that they make are simply beautiful. To bring their products to market right now has become more of a labor of love than anything else. A love for families, a love for people, a love for babies, and a love for Minnesota and the American spirit. Not one of us could have dreamed what was coming our way.

But, babies have a way of drawing us away from our daily worries, angst, and sorrows. They teach us how to live and how to love. During this special time, whether you are buying for your own baby, or are sending a gift, be assured, these gifts will be treasured. These are keepsakes that will help tell the story of a baby. A very special, wondrous baby born at the perfect time.


Ellen Marie Roeser

I am a healthy and active mother of three, grandmother of three (soon to be four), Certified Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, owner of North Star Newborns, which is a concierge newborn and infant care provider. I am also an unabashed baby lover.  I could sit and stare at a baby, fascinated, watching them explore and adapt to their new world. When I am caring for a newborn or infant in a client’s home, I always ask, “How long is too long for me to hold your baby while they are sleeping?”  So, you get the idea!  I have also loved quiet overnights in clients homes and have always felt that those nights with all those babies taught me more about babies than any class ever could.

I attended Western Illinois University where I met my husband, and studied  merchandising. I pursued a career as a New York apparel buyer, until my first child was born. I loved searching out the perfect apparel for my customers, so naturally, I now love searching for baby products for our clients and friends. It is the parents and babies that have taught me what the good stuff is as far as clothing, shoes, nursery decorations, and toys. We will be adding some toys that will appear to be so simple, you will wonder how long a baby will remain interested. You will be pleasantly surprised!  We have many wonderful Minnesota products in our store now, and many more to come!!