Faribault Mills

Founded on the banks of the Cannon River in 1865 in Faribault, MN, the Faribault Woolen Mill is a living testament to American craftsmanship. This beautiful blanket is made to be used and washed and loved, and then handed down to the next generation. Faribault Mills is known for producing blankets that last a lifetime. Use the Memory Mill to start the journey.

Faribault blankets have a way of becoming heirlooms, wrapped in stories and memories from the past. We designed The Memory Mill to give blanket owners the ability to create memories for the future; thoughts and intentions that will stay with their blanket as they pass it on to its next owner.

Itasca Leather Goods

Itasca Moccasin was formed in 1986 in the tiny community of Lake George Minnesota, located just to the east of Itasca State Park, famous for being the headwaters of the Mississippi River. The original store was a rustic, shopworn souvenir stand that attracted tourists driving to and from the park.

We would like to thank Sam in a big way! Sam worked throughout the night to hand sew these beautiful moccasins and get them out the door before the March 27th shelter in place deadline.

Polar Bear Knits

Jennifer, the owner and founder of Polar Bear Knits is even more beautiful than her hand knit products. She is an inspiration, and clearly loves her craft and her thriving business. I’ll let Jennifer tell you in her own words:

“I LOVE to knit. Seriously. I REALLY love to knit. I love the raw fibers and materials lying in front of me. I love the unraveling of the skeins of yarns. I love the feeling of the yarn in my fingers. I love the sound of the needles clicking as I move them. I love the potential that exists in imagining a project. I love knitting in the quiet, and amidst crowds and noise. I love to teach others how to knit. I love the process of witnessing patterns and creations unfold in front of me, between and with my two hands. And I love, love, LOVE creating something to be passed on to and for someone else. Knitting, to me, is a very personal, spiritual, tactile experience involving senses and feelings. Turning chaos and raw materials into order, for communion, for creativity.”

Keepsake Wooden Box

Founded in 2012 by Andrew + Hanna Vomhof, WAAM industries has always been a company on the move. “It has taken over spare rooms, basements, garage stalls and back yards. Now it’s landed somewhere between our industrial workspace in Minneapolis and our ever-changing home studio.” Inspired by vintage designs, many WAAM products are based on simple utilitarian objects that play an important role in everyday life, but are often over looked. “Our goods are designed with intention and are built to last the test of time.”

Thank you Hanna and Andrew for making this all work out for us and for ending our exhaustive search for the “perfect” box for our moccasins.

Polka Dot Club

The POLKA DOT CLUB based in Minneapolis is a collection of hand made heritage toys. Owner Jen Murphy’s studio is in Minneapolis where she continues to work and design all pieces for the P.D.C. All are handmade with patience and care. In the last years she has expanded the studio to include a small group of sewers in Lima, Peru. “This collaboration has been a powerful one.” Jen’s collection is a collection of heritage toys that are heirlooms for now & forever.

Thank you for your kindness Jen. We will never forget the day when your long leg pushed a box of bunnies out the door for pick up, and our check was placed in the outside mailbox. We would not have these beautiful bunnies without your resilience during this difficult time.

Abbey’s House

Owner Abbey Pattison makes beautiful handmade items with Minnesota themes. “I like to think that I do more than just sew baby items, though. My hope is that my items are part of those special family moments like cuddles on the couch. It is incredibly rewarding to know that something I made will be a gift for a new baby, or focal point of a nursery, or that a mom-to-be chose something of mine out of all the available items on the market. It’s humbling.”

Abbey’s House knotted beanies are the perfect first accessory for a new little Minnesotan.

Thank you Abbey! You went above and beyond when I begged for these little gems!


Founded in 2012 by Andrew + Hanna Vomhof.

Milk crates are one of the most useful and versatile containers. It can be flipped, stacked, carried or wall-mounted, to fit any of its multi-use functions. Use this crate for books, diapers, toys. etc.

All of WAAM’S products are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are dedicated to supporting and sourcing our materials from U.S. companies.

Little Wooden Wonders

Brian and his family actually spurred this business on with their beautiful wood products. After picking our first order of rattles, and literally walking around admiring them and giving one to every baby we could think of, there was no looking back. This artisan located in Chanhassen wanted to offer his own baby daughter toys that were safe, chemical free and 100% natural. These beautifully crafted, handmade rattles are finished with organic jojoba oil and natural beeswax. The minute one is in your hands, you can feel the difference and will understand why we chose this local craftsman.

Worker B

Worker B, a group of passionate beekeepers and artisanal skincare formulators who have harnessed the potency of bee-created ingredients straight from the hive. “Our hard working formulas blend the very best of what nature, and the bees, have to offer, resulting in a powerful skin-loving addiction regimen that actually works. We use only the finest materials, straight from the hive and organic whenever possible: no fillers, no gimmicky, novelty, or small proportion ingredients.”

Thank you Jessica for making us feel so welcome! We have come to trust your judgement, and your ability to answer every question, and fill every need. We love Worker B!