Educational toys are crucial in helping your baby develop essential skills they will need throughout their life. From the very beginning, babies are eager to learn about the world around them. The texture, shapes and colors of toys stimulate a variety of learning experiences. Here are three great ways that Bebe du Nord toys help your baby’s development.

Nurture Creativity and Imagination

Stuffed animals like the Polka Dot Club rabbits and bears from Bebe du Nord help nurture creativity and imagination for your baby’s development. These toys encourage pretend play that helps build the groundwork for future social skills. As your baby grows, stuffed animals can become imaginary friends to help your child cope and manage their emotions. 

Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills 

Bebe du Nord toys can help your baby develop fine and gross motor skills. From the age of one month, these toys help stimulate your child’s senses. Stainless steel toy keys and wooden rattles encourage eye-hand coordination as the baby reaches out to grab them. 

Encourage Problem Solving

Bebe du Nord toys like the wooden stacking toy in our product catalog encourage problem-solving skills for your baby’s development. These toys encourage your baby to figure out how to think about the steps involved in putting things together. Through experimentation, your baby develops concentration and focus to come up with solutions.

Shop Bebe du Nord Toys for Your Baby’s Development

Playtime is the best time for learning and teaching. Toys provide numerous potential experiences for your baby to build skills for a successful future. Your baby can develop all the vital skills for their development with high-quality heirloom toys from Bebe Du Nord that are built to last. Our toys are all-natural, easy to care for and non-toxic for your baby. Shop our online collection of Bebe du Nord toys today.