Covid.  So many changes for everyone.  We moved into a new home, and my parents moved in right next door. Duplexes are making a comeback!  Our hearts are at rest knowing they are safe. 

Moving meant a new office, with room for all of our Bébé du Nord goodies, and it is a room filled to the brim with art, books, beautifully scented soaps, and glorious bunnies and bears that beg to be touched and loved, especially the Polka Dot Club classic bear. Is it weird that this grandma could not let go of this magnificent handmade mohair bear, and actually thought of carrying it around all day?  

My granddaughter, Monica, loves to come into my office and promptly proceeds to fill a bag with all things BDN!  As you can imagine – it is tough to pull them back out and put them back on the shelves. So today, I had what I think is a great idea!  Filling a beautiful wooden crate in my office with all of my favorite things and making it accessible to any babies and children that happen to visit my office is the way to go. 

But, what am I really creating?  Memories. Memories of a warm home with a room where grandma’s passion for caring for every new life is ever-present. A room filled with joyful, beautiful, heirloom toys and books that they will always remember.  In reality, it’s a room filled with a grandmother’s love. A love that is so strong, so deep, so profound that it’s hard to put into words. And this grandma wants to create those memories not so much that they remember these physical things, but that they remember her long after she is gone, and the love that she showered upon them.  It’s the dream of every grandparent.  

In turn, it is also creating memories for me.  These memories will become pictures of the past that I will always relish.  

Feel free to send us an email, or call if we can put together an heirloom crate for your grandchildren.  

Take a peek inside:  

Treasured books, our new forever baby book made of solid wood from Little Wooden Wonders,  with illustrations by our very own in-house artist, Kayla from Angora Moose.

A handmade stacking toy, large rattle, and of course a hedgehog on wheels from Little Wooden Wonders.

A stunning and soothing baby board book from one of my best friends, Minnesota author Vicki Sheaffer, illustrated by the amazing Minnesota artist Kristie Frudden that includes the softest plushie already adored by Monica. Oh, wait a minute ~ no plushie in the picture.  I fear we have a shoplifter. Only kidding, I let Monica take it home because she adored it so much.

A Polka Dot Club Bear with clothing on the way.

A Polka Dot Club Bunny with clothing on the way.

A Minnesota State Teether from Sweetpea and Co for my new granddaughter due in a few weeks.  Oh, the excitement!

A set of hand-cast pewter utensils from Beehive.

A beautiful washable (key-washable) 100% wool (naturally germ and odor resistant) blanket from Faribault Mills to throw over the carpeted floor so any child or baby can play comfortably.