Swaddling is a technique used for thousands of years to help soothe newborns and help them sleep. Figuring out how to swaddle takes a little bit of a learning curve but well worth the time invested. Here are three benefits your baby will receive from swaddling.

Swaddling Helps Your Baby Feel Secure

The world can be a harsh environment for newborns. Bright lights and new noises can be discomforting. Swaddling techniques help mimic the warm and secure environment of the womb to help them feel safe. It can stabilize a baby’s heart rate and lower cortisol levels to help them self-soothe.

Alleviates the Startle Reflex

Newborns can often experience a startle reflex in the first four months of life. This normal neurological response creates a free-falling sensation for your baby. This reflex can be disruptive to your baby’s sleep. Swaddling with baby blankets can help minimize these spontaneous movements to help them get the rest they need.

Helps Calm Colic Symptoms

A baby with colic can be an incredibly difficult experience for any parent. Many parents often feel helpless trying to calm their crying baby. Colic symptoms are believed to be the result of a baby’s developing digestive system. An inability to digest food can create intense pain and gas, which results in prolonged crying and fussiness. Swaddling with a baby blanket can be therapeutic by applying light pressure to the baby’s stomach to relieve colic symptoms.

Swaddling with Bebe Du Nord Blankets

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