“What can I do to help?  Can I answer phone calls?”  Lois, my very own sweet mother that still worries about her baby. 

Flowers are not the only beauty that I have seen this spring.  I have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of answering the calls, texts, and emails of families that have welcomed a new baby into their family.  They are elated, exhausted, worried, overjoyed, unsure, confident, grateful, barely hanging on, but with every single family there is a palpable love.

All of these babies are loved. They don’t just know it, they feel it and experience it. A palpable love. A love so strong, it comes through in the voice of a worried grandma, in the email of a detail-oriented father, in the words of a strong mother with twins, while she chases her toddler trying desperately not to drop her phone, in the words of a mother that assures me (actually assures me!), that it’s ok that we can’t be there every night, she is just grateful and at peace with the nights we can be there. 

So many babies. This has been our busiest spring. So many late nights, early mornings, and long days working behind the scenes, and it would all be impossible without my assistant, Lisa. Lisa intuitively picks up where I left off so that I can spend time with my new granddaughter. 

Palpable, strong love. 

“All of the care we have had has been fantastic.” And this leads me right into the incredible outpouring of love and support for these families through our care providers. They have juggled schedules, filled in for one another, sacrificed an event, or simply a night in their own bed to help a family. Sometimes, I then worry that they are working too hard, and I want to be sure that they are also prioritizing their health and families. So, we talk. But the thing is ~ they love this work. It fills them up to the brim.

A palpable, strong love. 

This love weaves through everything that we all do every day and every night. A team of incredible care providers working so hard to help our incredible families.  It’s a miracle that it all works.  But love does that – makes the impossible possible.    

“It has been busy and amazing at the same time. Thank you for your patience and for the lovely opportunity. It is a privilege to work for you and even more so families and their precious gifts.”  Sheila  Emoji  Emoji  Emoji 😊

“What do you want for dinner?”, “Emoji I love you. Emoji”, my husband, Phil ❤️